Product Development

Deltatee has more than 35 years of experience developing ideas from a simple napkin sketch idea to a real manufacturable product.

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Electronics Design

Deltatee specializes in designing and manufacturing custom electronic printed circuit boards. Anything from simple analog circuits to complex micro-controllers or FPGAs

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Industrial Design

An important part of any product is the enclosure that the user interacts with. Deltatee is adept at industrial design using plastics, mouldings and sheet metal.

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Knowledge and Expertise

Our diverse team has the skill and experience to bring your ideas to market.

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Logistical Services

Deltatee helps support its clients once their product enters the manufacturing stages. We provide purchasing, shipping and receiving, supply chain management and inventory control.

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Diverse Successes

We have completed a wide range of successful projects from agricultural to consumer to industrial.

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and Design
Deltatee's main goal is to provide our clients with first rate electronics, industrial and mechanical design services. We have the skills to take a concept from the prototype phase through to production.


Deltatee has the facilities and personnel to provide full product assembly and custom contract manufacturing tailored to suit your individual product's requirements.


Deltatee can help guide and support your business through the product commercialization process, helping to manage the planning, funding and logistics to accelerate your time to market.

About Deltatee

Ideas to Reality

Deltatee Enterprises Ltd. is in the business of evolving high technology ideas into marketable products. We know that it begins with that key idea, be it a simple sketch on a paper napkin to a well-conceived product business plan. But how do you turn that idea into a real product? The answer: a multi-disciplinary team of engineering and technology professionals who understand the complexities of creating real products from those intangible beginnings.

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Our Capabilities

  • Electronics and electrical design
  • Embedded software/firmware and user interface (UI) design
  • Industrial design (custom 2D/3D modeling, cabling, mechanical support)
  • Small to mid-scale manufacturing services
  • Aftermarket product support
  • Logistical services (purchasing, shipping/receiving, inventory management)
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Located in Calgary since 1978, Deltatee has successfully merged many concepts into complete, finished products in a wide variety of industries. We employ many (if not all) of our capabilities in every single project. We look forward to having our highly educated and creative team members assist you with your next product idea!

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