Engineering and Design

Deltatee's sizeable team of staff engineers is gifted with robust skills in such disciplines as electrical, software, wireless and industrial design engineering as well as telemetry, photonics, and geomatics.

To bring a brilliantly engineered idea successfully to market, design can make all the difference. Through an iterative process consisting of research, concept exploration, preliminary design, testing and evaluation, and final design, Deltatee gives your company and your idea a competitive edge.

In the realm of hardware development, Deltatee designs its own circuit boards – from simple logic to complex microcontrollers and FPGA systems - working with SiLabs 8051, TI C5000 DSP, Xilinx Spartan and Virtex, Jennic Zigbee modules, and other wireless components.

We are also adept at industrial design using plastics, mouldings and sheet metal. Many of our products must meet stringent regulatory approvals (CSA, CE, UL) and enhanced safety areas (explosion proof enclosures).

Deltatee also has experience designing products that meet FDA approval. To meet FDA regulations requires specific knowledge and experience, and we are pleased to be able to offer those skills.