We’ve hired Deltatee’s design services twice now to help us build a home security device. Both times we started with a government grant, which we won thanks in part to their guidance. We had a vision, mainly on what the device would achieve. The actual design was a collaborative approach. Our collective ideas lead to a sleek final design that achieved all objectives. Quite happy with their service and would return.

Ken Brown, ProwLock Window Guard

Ken Brown, http://www.prowlock.com

Deltatee Enterprises has been ‎directly ‎involved in two successful project stages with different products. The Deltatee team was able to grasp the initial conceptual ideation and bring them to fruition. On time, on budget often under tight time lines. Our continued support was earned, I have no hesitation to recommend them. They help us change the world for the better.

David Evans, President / CEO of Redliner Inc. and Proactive Health Solutions

We were floundering in the dark waters of learning how to develop and manufacture our new iGuardStove product until we were introduced to Deltatee.

DT explained everything and made it clear as to what was going to happen and walked us through the whole process. They were very knowledgable, experienced and had great ideas on ways to make our product even better. The results were a product that we are proud to stand behind.

Bill Ferguson, President of iGuardFire

We have worked with Deltatee for almost 10 years, developing and then manufacturing several products. I have always been impressed by their broad technical knowledge and capability.

Ken Jackson, President of ATI Agritronics Inc.