• FREDsense Temperature Control and Measurment Case

    FREDsense Temperature Control and Measur

    This device, conveniently design into a Nanuk Hard Case, controls the temperature for sample cartridges and automatically incubates them for…

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  • iGuardStove™ Stove Protection Device

    iGuardStove™ Stove Protection Device

    Converts an ordinary stove into an internet-connected "smart stove" featuring motion-based auto shut-off and notification of caregivers via email and…

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  • TocBox™ Integrated Site Communication System

    TocBox™ Integrated Site Communication Sy

    A seamless integration of phones and voice pagers certified for deployment in noisy Class 1, Division 2 locations. With person-to-person…

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  • INCAS3 Water Monitoring System

    INCAS3 Water Monitoring System

    A self-contained sensor package deployable in a remote location to monitor water quality and radiation levels. In partnership with Dutch…

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  • Prototype NIR Spectroscopy Camera

    Prototype NIR Spectroscopy Camera

    Prototype work for a handheld, infra-red camera for diagnosing blood oxygenation in damaged tissue.

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  • AppliMax Tank Quantity Monitor

    AppliMax Tank Quantity Monitor

    Senses the level of a liquid storage tank and reports the volume via Bluetooth LE on an App on the…

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  • AppliMax Spray Nozzle-Body Tool

    AppliMax Spray Nozzle-Body Tool

    Custom designed tool for servicing sprayer nozzles to help loosen stuck caps, remove pre-orifices, diaphragm check valve and solenoid retainer…

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  • bLock™ Keyless Electronic Padlock

    bLock™ Keyless Electronic Padlock

    Advanced padlock secured by a cryptographic exchange (via Bluetooth) with an authorized user's phone or tablet. Forgoing traditional keys, authorized…

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  • Record Electronics GST Taxi Meter

    Record Electronics GST Taxi Meter

    Microcomputer-based multi-rate taxi meter, which established and still holds claims to 34 industry standards. We designed the original in 1980…

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  • Intelli-block™ MODBUS Cabling Breakout System

    Intelli-block™ MODBUS Cabling Breakout S

    Rugged, water proof and modular MODBUS connected sensor block. In partnership with 3-CI, the electronics of this device are fully…

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  • Rig Comm™ Communication System

    Rig Comm™ Communication System

    A ruggedized, portable communication gateway that interfaces an analog phone classified to operate in hazardous locations (Class 1, Division 2),…

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  • Mud Gas Logger

    Mud Gas Logger

    Fully integrated, stand-alone, low maintenance instrument that measures the concentration of methane and propane (by percent) in drilling fluid.

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  • Custom Instrumentation Panels

    Custom Instrumentation Panels

    A number of custom designed instrumentation panels successfully developed and brought to market.

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  • Wireless Alarm Bar

    Wireless Alarm Bar

    A wireless alarm system that removes the need to run cable in hazardous locations. Can be configurable to any alarm…

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  • AppliMax Spray Boom Remote Control

    AppliMax Spray Boom Remote Control

    Remote control for turning on and off spray sections on agricultural sprayers. Allows for quicker and easier calibration, inspection and…

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  • AppliMax Spray Nozzle Calibrator

    AppliMax Spray Nozzle Calibrator

    Device for measuring and reporting the pressure and flow through agricultural spray nozzles. Used to correct application rate and check…

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  • MATRx Oral Appliance Device

    MATRx Oral Appliance Device

    A mandibular displacement measuring device designed to adjust jaw displacement for sleep apnea patients.

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  • Surefire Burner Management System

    Surefire Burner Management System

    Battery-powered burner management system that controls the startup and shutdown of a gas-fired burner. This product was the first system…

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  • Wireless Wire

    Wireless Wire

    A cost effective, rapid deployment radio mesh network system that replaces traditional copper wired implementations. Highly scalable (up to 32…

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  • Radome Certification Tester

    Radome Certification Tester

    Radar Dome test unit that determines whether rebuilt airplane nose cones meet Transport Canada requirements.

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  • Calgary Plus 15 Skywalk Navigation Kiosks

    Calgary Plus 15 Skywalk Navigation Kiosk

    Interactive touch-screen kiosks with dynamic maps to guide users through Calgary's Plus-15 Skywalk labyrinth.

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  • Gamma Ray Spectrometer

    Gamma Ray Spectrometer

    A device that measures energy from gamma ray flux to identify minerals aerially.

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  • Onspec Process H2S Analyzer

    Onspec Process H2S Analyzer

    Cost-effective, low-maintenance, field-ready H2S analyzer with proven reliability, for the oil and gas industry.

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  • BinMax Bin Level Alert System

    BinMax Bin Level Alert System

    Agricultural product helping farmers filling grain bins, alerting them remotely when their silo is nearly full. Capacitance based high and…

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  • Pill Counter and Dispenser

    Pill Counter and Dispenser

    Easy-to-use, hands-free desk top pill counting and dispensing system that is economical and 99.9% accurate.

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  • Battery Cell Equalizer

    Battery Cell Equalizer

    Rugged, low-power, low-cost device to equalize cell charges on flooded lead acid batteries.

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  • Hyper-Spectral Camera

    Hyper-Spectral Camera

    Novel imaging technology that expands the color field into 256 colors, from blue to infrared, allowing users to see what…

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  • Eye Care Tonometer

    Eye Care Tonometer

    Vibrational tonometer that uses laser, optic and sound sensors to easily measure optical pressure without altering eye volume.

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  • Laser Hair Removal Device

    Laser Hair Removal Device

    Patented fully portable tabletop laser hair removal system.

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  • Laser Metrology Device

    Laser Metrology Device

    Advanced metrology device that allows for precise measurement at a lower cost than typical laser assemblies by improving the technique…

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  • Agriculture GPS Guidance System

    Agriculture GPS Guidance System

    GPS guidance tool that allows farmers to eliminate wasted energy and resources by driving perfectly straight, equally spaced, parallel swaths.…

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  • Metago Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

    Metago Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

    Internet/Ethernet Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for Telco point of presence applications.

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  • Mix-Weigh Scale

    Mix-Weigh Scale

    Truck/trailer-mounted feed mixing and dispensing scale. SPECIAL NOTE: Parts and repair of M1 systems is available at Allweigh Scale Systems in…

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  • Emscan EMI Scanner

    Emscan EMI Scanner

    Family of electromagnetic emissions design and testing tools.

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  • HF Instruments HFA 2900 Low Noise Amplifier

    HF Instruments HFA 2900 Low Noise Amplif

    Low-noise broadband amplifier for lab and OEM applications, with a frequency range from 100kHz to 3GHz.

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  • Drader Injectiweld

    Drader Injectiweld

    Plastic welder that uses analog and digital temperature-sensing control mechanisms.

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  • Sentury-Cel Motorist Aid System

    Sentury-Cel Motorist Aid System

    Solar-powered cellular call box combined with a computer-controlled telephone switch response centre.

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  • Canadian Securities Home Security System

    Canadian Securities Home Security System

    Hands-free, full-featured telephone with wireless remote sensors and computerized response centre, for home security.

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  • FDE Quick Labels

    FDE Quick Labels

    Standalone, microcomputer-based label machine generator for the retail market.

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