Onspec Process H2S Analyzer

Cost-effective, low-maintenance, field-ready H2S analyzer with proven reliability, for the oil and gas industry.

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  1. Sean Rooke
    Please note: Deltatee assisted Platinum Control Technologies with the design of this product back in 2006 to 2008. This product is currently sold and supported by Xcite Analyzation Technologies. The contact person for product sales, support and general information is Colin Weese with Xcite. He can be reached at (306) 460-8829, or via e-mail at c.weese@sasktel.net .
  2. Dear Sirs We have received an inquiry for an online H2S analyzer for LPG feed application and the end user is an oil refinery located in Iran. I found your company by internet searching . Would you please let me know if I can use Electrochemical technology based analyzer for this application? Here is more detail of this request: Composition & Concentration of sample (fluid breakdown) H2O: 0.14%, C3: 15%, C2: Minor, C3+ 31.2%, NC4:7.84%, IC4: 15.7%, IC4+: 8%, NC5: 0.01%, IC5: 0.46%, C5+: 0.43%, NC6: 0, =N1C4: 6.8%, =T2C4: 8.42%, =C2C4:5.83%, Total Mercaptan: 500 mol ppm, COS: 22 mol ppm Request measuring range 0 ~ 100ppmH2S Sample pressure: 27 Barg, Sample temperature: 40C Please note: as you see in sample details, there is high concentration of COS (22ppm) and Mercaptanes (500ppm). Are these molecules as interferences molecules and effect on measuring accuracy? We are an engineering company supplying instruments and analyzers, but if you like to know more about us, kindly visit our website at www.kheradkia.com Best regards Reza
    • Sean Rooke
      Hello Reza, Thanks for your inquiry. There are a few details that remain unclear after reading your comment. Could you please clarify a few things for us: 1) You noted a high concentration of COS. What is COS? Or did you mean CO2? 2) In your list of gases in the composition of the sample, you have listed C3+, C4+, C5+ etc. Could you please confirm what these stand for? We understand C3 to be propane, NC4 to be normal butane, IC4 to be isobutane, etc. But the + symbol after C3, C4, C5 etc is a notation we have not seen before. 3) In general, the use of an electrochemical based technology in an H2S analyzer will not work well or correctly. In the Onspec H2S Analyzer, it does not employ an electrochemical based sensor; instead, is is a Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) based sensor. 4) What is the "typical" concentration of Mercaptanes in a sample that is acceptable in that environment? Again, in general, too high of level of mercaptanes will certainly cause measurement accuracy issues in an H2S analzyer (even with the Onspec unit we created). 5) We are not the supplier of the Onspec H2S Analzyer, we are only the original equipment manufacturer for our client, Xcite Analyzation Technologies. If after our discussion here you would like to inquire about purchasing one of the Onspec units, I would direct you towards Xcite and the salesperson there. His name is Colin Weese, and he can be reached at c.weese@sasktel.net. Thank you for the information about your company as well. I would suggest if you wish to elaborate further on your application, we could continue this conversation via e-mail. Sincerely, Sean Rooke
  3. I would like a pdf copy of the manual for the h2s analyser in the above web address sent to this email please and thank you
    • Sean Rooke
      Hello Natasha, Our apologies for the delay in reply -- please note that all product manuals, product support and sales support for the Onspec H2S Analyzer is performed by Colin Weese of Xcite Analyzation Technologies. He can be reached at (306) 460-8829, or via e-mail at c.weese@sasktel.net.

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